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What We Do

General Events: Each month, we plan general events, such as:

  • Outings to kid-friendly coffee shops and restaurants
  • Tours of local businesses that cater to children
  • Visits to the zoo, area storytimes, Olbrich Gardens, and parks
  • Events in members' homes, including our monthly "Babes and Bagels," which is an open house for the whole membership that includes food and encourages members to hang out with friends and meet new members

Membership Meetings: We invite all members to join us for monthly business, including service projects and budget updates. Every other month, we invite a guest speaker to address our meeting, and we invite speakers based on suggestions from our members. We've had speakers talk about "Love and Logic" as a parenting philosophy, strategies for teaching children about finances and investment, exercise classes, organization strategies, and more.

Clubs: All members are welcome to join any of these activity groups at any time, and children are always welcome at these group gatherings. Current clubs include:

  • Book Club: We rotate hosts each month, and members bring their children for a casual playgroup, while the moms chat and discuss the book of the month. Recent selections include: Loving Frank, by Nancy Horan, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, The Likeness and Faithful Place by Tana French, and Mark Haddon's bitterly funny debut novel, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.
  • Needlework Club: Don't let the name fool you. Members bring any craft (knitting, crochet, scrapbook supplies, etc) or even none at all and enjoy company, and work on their crafts while the kids play.
  • SWAP: This club takes place on the first and third Thursdays of the month. On the first Thursday, half of the participating moms watch ALL of the children of the group, while the other half of the moms have the morning to themselves. Then, two weeks later, the moms who watched the kids previously get to leave and the other half of the moms watch all the kids. This is a nice way for moms to get to know other moms (as they'd be sitting together, kind of playgroup style).
  • Based on member interest, we also have had jogging club, cooking club, movie club, and healthy eating clubs.

Playgroups: We have several playgroups. Each group meets approximately twice a month. We arrange most playgroups according to age, but there are mixed age group options. Moms take turns hosting playgroups in their home or at a local park or play area.

MOMS Night Out: This is often a favorite for members because it is a chance to meet friends for a night out without children (although infants are welcome). We've met at local restaurants, gone to see movies, and held "MOMS Night In" in member's houses. We have a MOMS Night Out coordinator who gets ideas from members and who works hard to make sure that each month we have a great night out to look forward to attending!

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